Canada’s Hudson Bay Blankets History

Hudson Bay Blankets

As you see in the picture above, this Hudson Bay Blanket looks like any other normal blanket from anywhere around the world. But, as the history of Hudson is different, these Hudson Bay blanket’s history is also different. It all started when colonization started in the Northern America by the Europeans. There started the exchange of different goods while they first connected with the European natives.

The American Indians offered a number of products that included tanned and untanned fur and leather goods, also, they exchanged other products like moccasins, hand-made products, and many such Artistic things. In return, the Europeans offered knives, needles, pots, alcohol and many more products. One thing the used to offer the most were wool blankets.

History of the Hudson Bay Blankets

As per what the historians say, these wool blankets played a very important role while the America was trading with India (Indian goods that came through Europe) and about 60 percent of the entire trade with Europe constituted of these unique wool blankets. And so, since 1600’s these became a high-quality loved item by most of Americans like the Hudson Bay Bread.

So, they are not just the ordinary household blankets, they have come from history and have been used by most of our ancestors. The French also started manufacturing and offering such wool blankets but couldn’t reach the quality standards of the European wool blankets.

These blankets have narrow lines in their fiber and then this woolen fiber is dyed with indigo or black colors. They are 10-15 cm long and are woven from all the edges. The size as well as the weight of this blanket is determined by the number of lines it has in it. Along with these full length lines, there are half-length lines that makes the folding easier and possible.

Hudson Bay Blanket Colors

The Hudson Bay blanket initially had only white color but later it started getting dyed and came in other alternatives like black, blue and many more. The most common were the white blankets and so, is quite wide spread and usable. When you visit places around Hudson Vally, you will find the manufacturing unit of this beautiful Blanket.


The Hudson Bay Blankets mark its presence since 1600’s and still has a variety of cool products under its name. Many people from Hudson as well as from around the world own this beautiful and unique blanket that are historic and worthful collection. Inn at Hudson has a display one such historic blankets at the entrance. This blanket is owned by the hotel since decades and it has been kept in a way that there is no major damage caused to it.

You can find these blankets still at a number of shapes when you visit Hudson county. They come in different sizes like 32” * 46” then there is, 36” * 51” blankets and many more sizes. You can select the one that best suits your requirement and of course the budget. You can definitely show off with these amazing looking blankets.

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