Hudson Restaurant Week at Hudson County NJ

Hudson Restaurant Week

You must have heard of several food festivals at different places around the world. But as the history of Hudson is different, so is true with its tours, foods and also festivals. So, this is not just the food festival but a complete restaurant festival. This restaurant festival goes on for a week’s time and gets you all the delicious meals of different restaurants at one place.

Here, you get to taste and enjoy cuisines of different countries, same kind of cuisines but different taste, and many more. It is a festival that is conducted in around first quarter of the year and people from different countries as well as different states come in to enjoy the wide varieties of dishes.

Hudson Restaurant Week

Like the most recent one was conducted in the January End – February Start week. At this time, we – Inn at Hudson were super occupied with completely full rooms, waiting lists and so much. At around that time of the year, the environment at Hudson is most blissful and so, people love to visit places like Hudson Valley and Hudson County more at that time compared to the other months of the year.

The fee per person for enjoying the meal is $30 – so you can pay for yourself and your friends can pay for themselves – simple and best design. Then about the food, you can enjoy the appetizers, then the main course and then dessert. There are vast varieties out of which you can choose out the foods you want to have.

There are two good news when we talk about this amazing restaurant week fest. These two things are:

  1. Really good restaurants from Hudson NY as well as restaurants from Hudson Ohio participate – this way, you can enjoy the taste of their dishes at one place
  2.  They serve normal as well as vegan varieties of food – so if you are a vegan, do not worry about the food you wish to have at Hudson, you will definitely have a variety of choices of everything to choose from.

Not only that, you can also get gluten-free food choices along with other facilities like Parking, BYOB, Skyline View, socializing and many more (as mentioned by the fest website!). Before visiting the fest, you can yourself check out what all restaurants are participating and what all do they serve the best – so you can order something of your convenience like the Hudson Bay Bread!

Restaurant week fest celebrated its sixteenth year of participation in the year 2020. Where you can find a number of appetizers like French Onion soup, salads, Mussels, Brie, Ravioli, then for main course you can order from Frites, Snapper, Pot Pies, Salads and many more, then for desserts, you can enjoy puudings, sauces, ice creams and many such things.

Enjoy this amazing festival at Hudson County NJ. They announce their festive dates beforehand for you to quickly book tickets and come to the fest. Visit Inn at Hudson and we will give you a complementary visit at this great place.

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