Hudson Valley Things to Do – For Fun and Learning

Hudson Valley Things to Do

With the grand historic mansions, beautiful landscapes, museums, antiques and many other things, Hudson valley has been the hub for tourists around the world since decades. The world’s longest pedestrian bridge and state parks at the Hudson valley offers you with a year-round adventure. You can visit this place any time of the year and you can not only enjoy these locations but also you will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Places to Visit at the Hudson Valley

The Hudson valley is known for its 150 miles of lush nature that is marked by its hundreds of years of human endeavors history at Hudson. Here are some really good places that you can visit for your next Hudson trip.

1. Vanderbilt Mansion – Historic Site

For the people interested in beautiful architectural designs and gardens, this is the first go-to place. This mansion has a beautiful 17th century architecture with a number of gardens and woodlands that has amazing views of mountains and rivers. It is a place where you can spend hours without realizing the time.

2. Cohoes Falls, Falls Views Park

This beautiful park has a really amazing Cohoes falls that are completely worth a watch at anytime of the day on any day of the year. The park has four acres of land that has rivers, falls and walking trails which makes it a serene place for all its visitors. While you are on a tour at Hudson, this is a must visit place for everyone.

3. Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is the art for today. This place enlists contemporary art of the people around the city and showcase their talent to the people around the world. It holds several programs like exhibitions to promote the art of the contemporary artists. It also organizes other shows and events to motivate upcoming artists. It fun and exciting to learn the art and culture of the place like Hudson.

4. Saugerties Lighthouse, Hudson Valley

This amazing lighthouse is located in middle of the Hudson river. The lighthouse was built in 1835 to facilitate navigation through the river. It still works but not in the same fashion as it used to be in its factory town phase. You can view the modernized version of this lighthouse with latest mechanisms and techniques used in there. It a romantic silent space where you can spend good time with your partner.

5. Hudson Beach Glass

The Hudson Beach Glass is a beautiful glass museum that has a number of colorful objects on the table and the walls. The studio was found in 1987 with the thought of making a gallery for Christmas ornaments but, it turned out to be a completely different studio that you might have not found anywhere else. It is located in a former Ice house. You will love to visit this beautiful place.


There are a number of places you could visit at Hudson. But we prefer these above-mentioned places as the best ones. We provide you with the transport and all the other required facilities for you to travel through all these places from our Inn at Hudson Hotel. Visit us and enjoy the entire trip with our packages.

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